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To be an astute politician and parliamentarian, a distinguished and dedicated Minister in Government, an eloquent speaker, a successful Governor and an unflinching champion of downtrodden and the underprivileged classes, seems too idealistic to be realizable.

Yet, Dr. Channa Reddy with his increasable courage and fortitude has attained all these with ease and has emerged as the TALLEST AMONG EQUALS.

Among the few leaders, who played an outstanding role in shaping the destiny of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Channa Reddy with his political career of over five decades, though chequered, would undoubtedly, stand as a towering personality.

His rise from a humble lower middle class agricultural family, to the positions of a State Minister, the Union Cabinet Minister, Governnor of several states and twice Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh bears an eloquent proof to a fascinating saga.

Dr.Channa Reddy, by any reckoning he was one of the most prominent national leaders, able administrator, and a state politician who rendered great service in political, economic, social and cultural fields.

This site seeks to elaborate on this great life and the indelible mark that was left on generations to come.

Jan 13th, 1919 - Dec 2nd, 1996